We invite you to follow us as we live our sailing dream, travel the world while learning along the way.


The Sailing Lifestyle

WF is the first sailing boat we have ever owned. Coming from a 5K square foot home in the mountains of Colorado with all the modern convenience to glamping on the water. Went from hiring others to fix what broke, to learning how to pickle, scrap, flush and rewire every system, hose and motor on this vessel. Or at least that is the plan!

The Boat

The Crew

Photo Credit:  ms.akr

Photo Credit: ms.akr

Nick, Boomer and I are new sailors. Only learning from what we could through chartered vacations and sailing certifications. We often tell those who ask, we are the most certified novices you will ever meet. 

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The Adventure

 We will be seeking destinations both known and unknown to us. Sharing what we find, the people we meet and the activities, food, culture that make each location unique.

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