WF is one year old. Happy Birthday! For boaters, that means maintenance time. Don't get me wrong. We have been doing light lifting maintenance since we got her. But annually is when almost every system on the boats needs extra love. 

Nick and I have always worried  about our ability to do boat maintenance and repairs. We are not "project" people, as most sailors we run across are. We are handy when we "need" to be but not particularly skilled or experienced in any disciplines. On land, we would simply call the appropriate specialist to do our car or home repairs.

We are leaving our safe marina in two weeks to begin our transition from marina live to living aboard full time on the hook. We can't put it off any longer - we have to learn how to repair, maintain, jerry-rig, if need be, by ourselves. 

This month has been our dive in and figure it out time. I am happy to say, you can learn just about anything on YouTube (I call it the oracle), systems diagrams, owners manual and asking the occasional boater for advice. I have changed our oil and oil filter. Removed our stack pack to repair a zipper (have no idea yet heck to put it back on) and fixed the stove top ignition. Who knew how capable we were!! 

I would say, one of the best gifts this experience has given me thus far is confidence in myself and my ability. Thank you boating for pushing me out of my comfort zone, making me think for myself and learning how to problem solve. I've never been more happy, dirty, frightened and covered in scraps/bruises.

Next on the list: barnacle bust the AirCon and replace joker valve on marine toilets. Check, check:-) Here is a picture of Nick marking our anchor with zip ties so we can tell how many feet we have deployed when we anchor.