The Band-Aid Pull

Captain's log - 11/03/15

I kinda always looked at this whole adventure as a four phase proposition: 1) Dreaming, planning, acquiring,  2) Learning and outfitting,  3) Coastal training wheels, and 4) Off to the wild blue yonder.

Today, we begin the transition from phase 2 to phase 3.   Thus far, everything has been 'preparation' - buying, planning, learning, outfitting, etc. Turns out, the dreaming and scheming is a lot easier (and more fun) than actually stepping off the precipice.  Today - I gave notice at my secure, office based job.  

Since acquiring WF, we knew we needed income.  We also needed to learn the boat, outfit her, and - oh yeah, learn to sail her.  So it was only reasonable that we sign a year long lease at the marina, plug into shore power, internet and cable TV - while I drive off to work everyday in an office...

The year flew by and looking back, I have both positive and negative observations.  Met some wonderful people, shored up my resume and reaffirmed my place in the corporate machine. However, as a sailor, you are already limited by the cooperation of the winds and seas (about 50% in South Florida FYI). I was further relegated to evenings and weekends.  Thus, we actually got out sailing a lot fewer times than I wished, planned or hoped (I think we logged 16 sailing days and 4 motor ventures down the ICW in our 52 weeks here).  So we decided that in this case -More is NOT better.   

Are we ready? (No).  Can we afford it (Don't think so)... but we did not buy this boat to sit at a P.O.S. Marina in the US.  So, we're going to at least get mobile.  Maybe a change of scenery from time to time.  This is 2015 afterall, more people are working remotely than ever before.  If I have a cell signal, Wi-fi and Uber to get me to the airport - who cares if I am in West Palm Beach, Key West, New Orleans, or Boston Harbor?  Since I want to see it all anyway - I quit my corporate gig today.  Took a more mobile job (better upside anyway) with my buddy.   I'll transition over the next month, get through the holidays and then be 'Working' from WF!