No Name Harbor

We both slept 10hours… guess we needed to catch up.  We’re up early to address our dead outboard, and get the dog to shore to go potty.  

Paddle boarding the bike at No Name Harbor

Paddle boarding the bike at No Name Harbor

 LA’s bright idea was to paddle board Boomer, AND our bikes AND the bike trailer to shore to then ride into Key Biscayne to look for a fuel filter and breakfast. 

Nick thought she was crazy, it’s hard enough just to balance yourself, but if the bike falls in…  Even though we were only 100 yards away and in a protected harbor which seemed flat calm, she’d be balancing odd items and making 4 round trips (2 bikes, 1 trailer and Boomer).  There is no talking her out of it…

As LA was trying to lift her bike off the paddle board over the sea wall to the path (obviously not well thought-out) a man approach on his own bicycle and offered to assist; life saver!  A wonderful Cuban gentleman, helped get the bikes and trailer up, then even offered to drive us to town, we thanked him but decided to ride our bikes.  On her final leg to the sea wall with the dog wagon, LA passes a couple rowing their dinghy and called out to them thinking they too had a motor issue.  Turns out they didn’t, they were just trying out rowing, not bothering with attaching their outboard.  (Scott & Mary a wonderful, young couple on Fleur De Li - a 34’ mono, also heading to the Bahamas).  As they reached the sea wall, Scott ask what was wrong with our motor and mentioned that he was a diesel mechanic in a prior life, and far more handy than either Nick or I.  He offered to take a look at our motor, so we invited them over for drinks and appetizers that night.   We jumped on the bikes and headed for town.

Boomer is new to the pull-behind cart and jumped out a couple times, nearly causing us to crash.  It is hot and sticky.  As it turns out, this southern end of Key Biscayne is sparsely populated and mostly touristy - there is no marine or hardware store nearby.  So, we sit down to a nice breakfast to regroup. Having a dog, made it impossible to sit inside and enjoy the air conditioning. So we took turns sitting inside the restaurant to cool down. Breakfast was delicious and it was time to give Boomer that needed potty break. As LA rounded the building to walk the dog, who appears?  Our new friend!  He offers to throw the bike in the back of his truck and drive Nick to a West Marine in Miami!  We accept the offer this time and got a new fuel filter and some additive, then he dropped Nick back at the park boundary.  Meanwhile Boomer and LA biked back to the harbor and then paddle boarded back to the boat, but LA had to go back to collect her bike (she’s a paddle boarding stud!). 

Scott and Mary showed up for our scheduled happy hour.  It didn’t take Scott long to determine the problem. He disconnected the fuel line and used the squeeze bulb to pump fuel into a plastic water bottle. The obvious separation between yellow and clear liquid gave the problem away: Water in the fuel!   Note to self: when your dinghy is not used often, condensation forms in the plastic tank (especially if you leave it in the sun).  Scott suggests we drain it and replace all the fuel, but this is not the place to attempt that.  The weather is looking good for tomorrow - Scott and Mary may join us sailing to Bimini - I’ll deal with the dinghy/fuel when I get there.