The Galley

Living on a boat makes shopping, storage, preparation and cooking quite challenging.  Any difficulty you have experience making a reasonable meal at home – is far worse and much more frequent while trying to cook on board.   Over 20 years of preparing family meals on land and I still never quite perfected the entire process – but doing so in exotic places presents new challenges - if you forgot an ingredient – forget about it!  After all, you can’t exactly run down to the local grocery store…

WF has a lot of counter space to prep meals and storage for our provisions; however, we are quite short on freeze or refrigeration capacity; are limited to three small propane burners and a tiny yet temperamental oven.  Likewise, microwaves are a major convenience – but a massive energy hog… so, unless we’re plugged into shore power, ‘no-nuke.’   Oh, and we tend to chase good weather – which also means warm temperature and usually higher humidity – so items most stored on a counter basket (fruit, onion, potatoes) don’t last long.

I will be sharing all our cooking tips, tricks, triumphs and misses. When we find a good recipe, provisions or storing strategies I will post it here.