The perfect sailing team has finally been assemble.

hoto Credit:  L Meyers

hoto Credit: LMeyers

Nick Meyers, Captain

Growing up less than a mile from Lake Erie, I always took water for granted… although I never sailed (and rarely boated) in my youth, I was an outdoorsy, adventurous sort.  It wasn’t until I spent a decade in ‘landlocked’ Colorado that I realized how much I wanted to be near the water!  

The night I met LA (literally) – she told me her ‘life-plan’ to get a small sailboat and sail around the world… I was instantly intrigued.  The more I investigated, the more I was hooked… As we went through our certification training, chartered some boats for vacations and attended boat shows – I slowly but surely took over the live-aboard sailing plan!


hoto Credit:  N  Meyers

hoto Credit: N Meyers

Lori-Anne Meyers, First Mate & Co-Captain

When I first met Nick, I shared a crazy idea - sail around the world. So blessed his first response was heck yes!  I spend my early years in Hawaii learning to love the ocean and knowing there was more to see beyond my rock surrounded by water. An adventurer was born. I have no sailing experience other than all of the sailing certificates I have amassed over the years preparing for our journey. 


hoto Credit:  N  Meyers

hoto Credit: N Meyers

Boomer Jon Meyers, Crew

Boomer is a 6 year old Border Collie we found on a cattle and sheep farm on the boarder of Colorado and Kansas. His first time on a boat was when he was still a puppy in Findley Lake, NY. He flattened out and hid in the first corner he could find.

Now if you lower the tender we have to hold him back from jumping in before it hits the water.